We offer practical and highly reliable logistics solutions for your e-commerce business, from order picking, packing, shipping to designated addresses to returns management, and mail preparation services.

Besides, our high-end order management software, coupled with the technology-enabled shipping network throughout the United States, will leave your customers with a memorable shopping experience.

Swift Fulfillment

Swift Fulfillment, LLC is a technology-powered logistics service provider to help online businesses through the provisionof cloud-based order fulfillment and shipping platform. We offer practical and highly reliable logistics solutions for your e-commerce business, from order picking, packing, shipping to designated addresses to returns management, and mail preparation services.

Besides, our high-end order management software, coupled with the technology-enabled shipping network throughout the United States, will leave your customers with a memorable shopping experience.

Our all-inclusive cloud-based logistics at a glance:

Order Fulfilment

When your store is connected to our systems, we receive products from suppliers and add them to your inventory at any of our strategic shipping agent locations across the USA. Our high-quality order management and inventory monitoring software, coupled with our vast shipping and delivery network, is capable of handling orders of all sizes and getting them delivered to customers anywhere in the USA. With Swift Fulfillment, all orders coming through your E-commerce site will automatically be picked, packaged, and then shipped to respective customers with as a minimum delay as possible, letting your users enjoy the efficiency of our service with every delivery.


Our system will help you enjoy the flexibility of dropshipping. With dropshipping, you can expand your business, evaluate current demand and reach new markets and channels by concentrating on marketing and sales and let us manage the supply chain and warehousing part. With our services, you can manage shipments from 3rd party facilities and take advantage of our state-of-the-art logistics network and order management software. From your dashboard, you can easily link up with your product providers and conduct oversight of the supply chain.

Amazon Returns

We ensure that you can access reliable and affordable U.S.-based purchase return services. You do not have to process and store faulty and wrong purchases on your own anymore. We receive and inspect returned items to help you classify accurately, reducing wastage. We ensure saleable items are returned back into your FBA inventory fast, improving ROI. Further, our inventory tracking ensures that all items are captured, including successful returns. Your company will receive access to photo-based returns inspection reports. Your customers will only rejoice to know that their returns are adequately catered to from timely picking through processing to feedback.

Amazon Preparation Services

It would be best if you do not wait to experience the consequences of FBA-Fulfilment non-compliance for Amazon products. We can ensure that you are not denied any opportunities, and you do not get unwarranted negative feedback from customers by making your inventory FBA-Fulfilment compliant. This, we can achieve through performing inventory checks, packaging and repackaging, quality control, and photo-based inspection. Users who have trusted us with this service have already reaped significant benefits.

Mail Forwarding

You can now enjoy convenient shopping from top US retailers without paying an extra penny on overseas shipping. Our systems allow you to use a virtual US address to shop popular brands and purchase from US-only suppliers and then forward your packages to your desired locations across the globe. You will also be able to monitor the deliver and shipment of your goods and monitor all your packages and correspondence through images and copies of correspondence documents uploaded to your account. You can also choose to consolidate all your small shipments and make a good saving on postage fees. Carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL fulfill our mail forwarding services with outlets available in countries across all the continents.

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  • Dropshipping
  • Amazon Returns
  • Amazon Preparation Services
  • Mail Forwarding

Our National and International Shipping Network will help you save on cost

Our shipping agents are strategically situated across the states and enabled with modern technology. To strengthen the shipping network even further, we have a knowledgeable team of professionals who make it possible for us to deliver reliable, high-quality shipping services to customers both within and outside the country. We are grateful to have professional team players dedicated to the quality and reliability of our services.

As a major logistics services provider, we have taken advantage of technology and enabled our customers to manage their shipping needs efficiently, reducing overhead costs. As a result, our customers enjoy reasonably low prices for all our shipping services. We also maintain a close-knit relationship with our shipping agents that helps us monitor operational costs and ensure they are bearable without overpricing our services.

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International shipping

For the years we have been in business, we have worked with e-commerce businesses from the startups to the big players through the national market and to the international market. This we achieved through the provision of comprehensive order management and shipping services. Besides the provisioning of logistical support for international shipments, we can also assist you clear customs paperwork at no additional cost to you. We are always ready to guide businesses through every step of the way and thereby streamline their entry into the international market.

Storage and fulfillment

We have partnered with reliable shipping and warehousing agents to ensure all your local and international shipping needs get adequately catered to at any time. You can, therefore, take advantage of the infrastructure we have already laid out to reach your customers faster by choosing to store your goods in our strategically located facilities across the country. We offer customer-centered services that give you value for money regardless of whether you operate as a B2B or a B2C.

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Discounted shipping

We are already in contract with top-flight shipping carriers, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS, and we can guarantee top-of-the-class shipping services and reasonably low rates. Besides, we do not dictate which carriers you work with, and we give you the right to choose what works best for you. Our exclusive bulk shipping contracts with the carriers mentioned above have enabled us to maintain exceptionally low shipping fees, thereby giving us an edge over the competition.

By choosing our services, you will enjoy the shipping discounts we get from our partners and therefore reduce your overall shipping costs. You will most of the time, enjoy shipping at costs lower than your carrier’s retail price. We also advise our customers to accumulate minor packages into one primary delivery so that they can enjoy higher savings on shipping.

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A top-notch Software as a Service platform

Our up to date cloud logistics platform is an eloquent interface that gets you where you need to be without unnecessary lags. You can connect with shipping agents from all over the world and manage your orders directly from the system. We are committed to providing swift access to all our services.

For this reason, we have deployed our platform on various data centers across the globe to enable your team to access necessary tools and the support they may need while developing innovative business solutions. Our platform offers prebuilt connectors and a mature development framework with excellent support that your development team needs.

Scale your e-commerce along with your business

Our platform is created to scale up as your e-commerce business grows from a startup through small business to medium-sized organization. Even though we have majorly been dealing with medium-sized companies, we are also capable of helping small individual Amazon and eBay sellers.

The e-commerce system is highly compatible with major platforms ensuring retail compliance and efficient vendor management, among other benefits. It will also allow you to connect to popular B2C and B2B channels as you scale through the ranks. By acquiring our services, neither your physical outlets nor your E-commerce business should run behind the other. They are bound to scale along each other.

The returns processing solutions helps us return up to 75% of returned goods back to Amazon inventory which has enormously increased profitability of our business. Aaron Somski Good4Health
Thanks to the drop shipping program for vendors we can access a variety of marketing and distribution channels in the USA and save resources to focus on our products. Xian Wu RedToys
I have integrated my Shopify store and now I can sell to American customers while living in Italy. All the issues related to packing, logistics and shipping have been solved. Ernesto Mazotti Bogetti

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